The Silence (2019 ) Movie Review

Silence film review
The Silence (2019 ) Movie Review

5.3/10 IMDb

31% Rotten Tomatoes

25% Metacritic

Disasters are coming to the world with no advance notice. So, if nature has provided us with some preparations for that, it’s good luck. This is a unique film that you can watch at a time when the world is plagued by an epidemic. You may have watched the #The_Silence. “Animals That Silence the World”


Today, we live without challenge because man has become the world's 
leading organism. But what if the world comes to us with another 
species or species that are challenging to us? 

Before the movie begins, a series of behind-the-scenes footage shows
 some of the implications of Earth's current development. The fact 
that man has not yet understood nature properly. It is inherently 
Humans gradually move from equilibrium to imbalance.
 This imbalance is an imbalance of environmental factors that are 
necessary for the existence of human beings and not the detriment of

Scientists have said that humans will disappear from the earth 
and the environment will recover in a short time .That imbalance 
only affects the existence of the human being
The Silence film revolves around one particular family that is
 trying to escape this dangerous creature. It is special because the
 eldest daughter of that family is deaf.
In this case, it is a gift from nature. She is not deaf but born 
in a car accident several years ago. So she can speak even if she 
does not have ears. As a result, everyone in this family is familiar 
with sign language. She says in one place,

“Dad, I know how to live in silence. We all know that. ”


From there the film goes about this special family and its
protagonist’s attempt to save the family.You will also get a similar
cinema experience through The Quiet Place and Bird Box.

Released by Netflix in 2019, Tim Lebbon’s The Silence is the basis for
this great cinematic experience.

Starring —

Kiernan Shipka,

Stanley Tucci,

Miranda Otto,

John Corbett,

Kate Corbett

Directed –

John R.Leonetti.



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