The Old Guard (2020) Film Review

The Old Guard 2020 Film Review

The Old Guard (2020) Film Review

The Old Guard (2020)  Based on a comic book story by a black female director, Many movie fans were impatient until the release of this superhero movie by Netflix which featured the heroic action scenes of a group of deadly war heroes. Because Charlize Theron, a talented actress, plays the lead role here.

Besides, a number of good actors like Chiwetel Ejiofor and Matthias Schoenaerts have also joined the film.So this movie is a good action movie like Atomic Blonde starring Charlize Theron. From the beginning of the film, the story is lined up in such a way that you can watch it with curiosity.

From the very beginning, the film manages to captivate the audience by gradually increasing the curiosity in the audience by shaping the talented acting of these actors.

So here’s a brief summary of the story: Andromache alias “Andy” (Charlize Theron) and members of their group Booker, Joe and Nicky take on the task of rescuing a group of kidnapped children in South Sudan from a fight led by Copley, a former CIA chief. So this group, which is subtly moving towards this goal, enters the camp where these children are being held and slowly removes the enemies.

But with these activities, when they enter the house where the children are being held, they have to face a strange treat.That was the beginning of the story. He will also be joined by U.S. officials serving in Afghanistan. Marine is a female officer, and she joins the team with a very unique experience.

So this group has a scene like the X-Men, they have an uncanny ability like Wolverine, Deadpool.These are selected warriors with centuries of regenerative healing abilities. You can watch those capabilities while watching this movie.

The end of the film is done strangely with the song Silence by Khalid and marshmallow.The soundtrack is really great. It also gives a hint that another movie is coming with a new surprise.

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