THE LITTLE WITCH (2018) Film Review

THE LITTLE WITCH (2018) Film Review


IMDB 6.1 

Comedy  Familly  Drama  Fantasy


THE LITTLE WITCHis one of the most beautiful children’s movies of 2018. A fantastic creation of a little witch adventure. This is a German film that many people have missed. So let’s talk about the movie briefly

Generally speaking, a witch knows somebody who does a lot of bad and evil. But our little witch is not clean Hexi. Kleine lives with a lot of people.

So the biggest wish of Collins’ life is attending the fireworks night where the big witches go for a night.
It usually takes a grown-up witch to attend. According to the witches, Klein is still a young witch.
If Kleine wants to participate in that, he must submit to one of the witches’ conditions. It’s a book with thousands of mantras memorized in the dark.
And he must be an evil witch. If so, then Kleine’s going to be on the road next to the fire.
The big witch also appoints an evil witch named Rumplepal to study Kleine’s work. So this year Kleine will be able to explore the book. Will she be able to attend the torch night?

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