T-34 (2019) Film Review

T-34 (2019) Film Review

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T-34 (2019) film is part of Adolf Hitler’s 1944 war against the Nazi army that invaded Russia. IMDb Anyone watching this movie worth 6.4 will be mad for 2 hours and 19 minutes. This is about a Russian film called T-34, that was so crazy.

Ivushkin is the main character. He’s a tank captain in the Russian army. Thousands of Russians die in their own country in the face of the ruthless attacks of the Germans. It is during this time that a Russian captain named Ivushkin has to go on missions. He pulls out his tank with his Crew in front of the battlefield.
This is when three German tanks are approaching. Klaus Jager is a German tank captain. Ivushkin (German) and Jager (German) are two of the most promising guys in the brain.

So, both of them start hiding here, and this is where the top tank fight begins. The way the rounds are done with the motion of the slow is precisely what you are doing here. Both of them eat a considerable amount. Anyway, Ivushkin (Russian) and the tank engineer were arrested by the Germans and imprisoned with Russian prisoners in Germany.

The Russian captain Ivushkin is grieving the loss of a German cell. Meanwhile, the former German tank captain, Jager, learns that his old rival Russian captains are also in their cell.

Now that’s the best. Jager goes to prison to find Ivushkin. It’s with a girl from Russia who translates Russian. (She’s telling Ivushkin in German, Jager in Ivushkin in Russian.) Even if Jager can kill Ivushkin right there, he wants to kill Ivushkin differently.

Please give him a dilapidated old tank. Ivushkin has permission from the imprisoned Russians to get a Crew for the neglected tank. The engineer of the former tank also accidentally finds himself in the Crew of 4, including himself. Now is the best time to set up an old tub. Please give it a separate place. How to build a tank, you have to remove the grave. This is the T-34 tank.

Anyway, in the meantime, Ivushkin (Russian Captain) and the girl who translates the original, start a love story. Translate Jager’s messages and tell him when the tank building works. Finally, Ivushkin notifies the girl of her plans. He wants to get out of the dungeon with him and this group.

Then they have to fight off the tanks in a confined German training battlefield. That’s three German tanks with tiger panthers. But without putting single tank ammo in the Russian set, you put it in the field.
Aruna’s Armored Tank 3 is enough to kill even the miners of Battle Ground, including the Russian Captain Ivushkin, and the German Captain Jager’s ambition to kill them in the same battle. Jager tells Ivushkin that winning this will set you free.
The prison camp, the German army base and the training ground are all built on top of tight security.

The other officers of the German camp, including Jager on the battlefield, are on the front lines. This is their best chance. Is it a dream to escape? Will that Russian girl gets along? Or lose all this dream? That’s when the film started.

This is the first part of the story. It goes in Russian and German. Don’t say so. The story is well understood. Upload an English subtitle. Super War is a love story that is sure to be a true love story. One of the best looks I’ve ever seen.


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