Spartacus Series Full Review

Spartacus Series Full Review

8.5/10   IMDb

67%   Rotten Tomatoes




I don’t think many people who watched this series enjoyed the five-part glimpse into the content of the Spartacus series, except that it was a little too entertaining. The reason I think about it is that like everyone who suggested I watch this series. I talked about some of the scenes and not a word about the content of the story.

Those who know the former Julius Caesar and other historical figures in the Spartacus series may know that Spartacus is a real character in this series.

The Spartacus series is a beautiful story about love, sex, loyalty, slavery, sword wrestling, Roman times. We can say that homosexuality, polygamy, and slavery work are all simple things at that time. The ruins of Pompeii also bear witness to it. So that’s not what Eve thinks so much 

In this series is a Tresian warrior named Spartacus, who is truly a historical figure. Spartacus arrives at Batyatis’ mansion in Rome, trained as a slave warrior.

It was to free the slaves of Rome. He was the leader of the third slave war that began in Rome. His right hand is a wrestler named Crixus.

If this great warrior, who had made an excellent contribution for the liberation of Rome, had begun his war, he would have been another Moses (the son of the God who redeemed the slaves of Egypt). Never hid.

That’s why we’ve even seen this television series because his and his friends’ names are immortal in history.
Not only him, but many of the characters in this series are indeed alive and well, not to mention that they were the ones who contributed to this event

Like Spartacus and his companions Crixus, Onanimus, Gannicus, and many others…

 And the villains of this story, such as Glauber, Batyatis, Croesus, and Caesar, are the people who contributed to this event. It is impossible to say that most of the games in the Spartacus series are 100% true, as are the facts of history that are weightier than the history of the Viking series.



Destruction of the Batiatis house…

Death of Glauber

A group of pirates betray Spartacus and others in Sicily.

Cruz’s plans

Death of Crixus

The wrestling battle of the Roman soldiers to avenge the death of Spartacus Crixus.

The Final Battle and the Death of Spartacus

                                                                            All these things happened.


 Spartacus began the battle with about 70,000 Roman soldiers, together with about 20,000 swordsmen and a hundred thousand slaves…

In the course of the series, Spartacus is defeated and mortally wounded in front of the vast army of Croesus. At the age of 39, many of his men, including his fellow slaves, crucified him on the road between Rome and Cut.
(Crucifixion) History says that it happened. But history has always intrigued us,

That is, even though Croesus saw the defeat of Spartacus in the series.
In history, Croesus learns that Spartacus was defeated in the battle and died by the generals. And in the Roman army of honour, we don’t see anyone who is lauded or talked about as the one who killed Spartacus the Great Warrior …


Maybe Spartacus died in battle, perhaps he just escaped and started a new life.

It will be a secret in history forever !!!

Another question that a lot of people have in this series is who is the youngest Caesar in this series.He is Julius Caesar.In history, there is no direct evidence that Caesar was involved in this fight.
But Caesar was not a well-known figure at the time, and as he was known to have served in the Roman army at that time, Caesar’s relations with Pompeii were
Television series directors and I believe Caesar took part in this fight.



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