Ponmagal Vandhal (2020) Film Review

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Ponmagal Vandhal (2020) Film Review

The common man cannot abide by the law by committing fraud and corruption. Because the average man has no right to escape the law. But in this world, it is very easy for a man with wealth and power to survive. The combination of both wealth and power in this world is what creates horrible people.So a deranged man can do any stupid thing and get away with the law. Because this wealth comes with two powers and a big horn on the head.It is useless for a man to commit and commit debt in the face of debt and power. Because they’re deprived of what they can do with those two things. So the first thing I thought of was the fact that in the movie and in the world we hear the destruction caused by these corruptions every day. So this thing is neatly incorporated into this movie. When I first heard about the film, I thought it would be a boring story.Because we’ve seen so much in the past few days that movies like this are being investigated in court cases. But when I started watching this movie, I was eager to see it. Because the issue that is being talked about in this film is really intense in India. That is corruption! India is famous for these corruptions. Our people are boasting about Kerala.

Just think, how many corrupt hairs are there in India?

Also, corruption will kill thousands of women’s lives. Those who filed the case have grown old, and some have died.So, several years ago, the government of India hanged some of these rape victims. However, law enforcement in India is very pathetic for rape. So in this movie I am talking about the lives of women who have been corrupted and destroyed by humanity in the face of wealth and power.

The main female character is played by Jyothika. She’s a new lawyer, so she filed a lawsuit against a woman named Psycho Jyoti, who was found guilty of murdering children in Ooty in 2004.She is trying to prove that all the reports made by the police about the woman Jyoti are false. Parthiban plays the role of the lawyer who is presenting the case to the police.He is protecting a wealthy and powerful person involved in this incident. So this movie, which is made up of a bunch of talented actors, can see some weaknesses from the beginning!

But we don’t care because the film gives a lot of exemplary                                    messages to the society

The first is that parents need to protect their children before they cry on social networks for justice after something happens.Children should be trained to protect themselves against corruption from an early age. Then we need to think logically about every fraud in every society. Then the truth of the events is very easy to understand.

However, the entire film highlights the weaknesses of the country and the law

Imbd – 7.4 /10 The Indian Express2/5


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