Mookuthi Amman (2020) Review

Mookuthi Amman (2020) Movie Review

This movie is a fantasy comedy type Tamil movie. RJ Balaji is the screenwriter, director, and actor. In fact, RJ Balaji is a talented radio presenter. He is an expert radio announcer as well as an excellent actor. But now he’s also a good director. It is a film that takes the politics of LKG as a joke. The film gave the people an excellent message about politics and provided a lot to the politicians. So it was only after it became a very successful film that he created the film Mookuthi Amman in this way and was looking to seduce other people.

So you know, India is a country where actors are considered deities. There are many different gods and religions in India. There are two or three other temples within walking distance of one temple if you look in South India. So, India is a country that does business very successfully based on God. RJ Balaji has created this film to protect such helpless people and to make their lives successful.

The film is likely to be met with strong opposition from those who believe strongly in God and those who do business with God. However, this film is a comedy film. So Lady Superstar Nayanthara will play the lead role with RJ Balaji in this film. Actors like Smruthi Venkat, Madhu Mailankody, Moulee, and Ajay Ghosh have joined the cast and Urvashi, who has done a perfect job in Soorarai Potter. Briefly about the story here without further details.

RJ Balaji plays the role of Engels Ramasamy, a journalist covering rural information. He has three sisters in his family, including his mother. Dad left them when they were little. His mother was a devout believer. So even though Ramasamy is of marriageable age, no marriage proposal will work for him. One day Ramasamy, who is trying to carry all the family’s burdens and move on with his life during problems, goes with his family to an old temple to worship their caste god Mookuthi Amman. After cleaning the temple and offering sacrifices to the gods, Ramasamy tells the gods about his problems with all his heart.

So that night, God listened to his question, and God appeared before him. So Nayanthara is very beautifully dressed as God. So this God talks to Ramasamy and feeds him a rope, takes a different joke from it, and then gives him something to do for God. That is to make the temple of God, a famous temple like the Tirupati temple within 48 days. So Ramasamy has to take over this job for the welfare of his family. So the best part of the film starts after that incident. As the story goes, why do people go to temples? What kind of devotion is there in the hearts of people for God? This movie shows a lot of real things that people are ashamed of.
Besides, the film is aimed at those who carry out big business under the guise of God. People like priests stand in the middle between God and men and deceive people and rob them of money under the pretext of sending things like human suffering and hope to God. The film shows the leaders of different religions changing the contents of those religions’ notable books and using distorted meanings to make it easier for them to make money.

Also, here is the climax. Nayanthara is doing a super story to get rid of the broker working people’s clothes based on God. So the last message in this movie is that even if you can’t if God fulfils your hopes and desires, you will not be able to complete one hope and be satisfied. You will have a thousand wishes and hopes. There will be no end to your desires and hopes. And don’t get caught up in cheating girls and lose money and trust in God! God is in you. If you believe in yourself and work with courage, you will find solutions to problems and make your life successful. Have faith in God within you! Lastly, the film manages to entertain as well as entertain with its comedy and dialogue. This is a genuinely successful production.

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