Memories (2013) Film Review

Memories (2013) Film Review

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What are the memories ?

What kind of memories do we add to our lives in our lifetime? Those memories are divided into two extremes in our lives. Those are good memories and dark memories. It is between these two memories that we are living in our past, presently building our future.

Now let’s turn to the film. Directed by Jeethu Joseph, the film will be released on August 9, 2013. The running time of the film is two hours and twelve minutes. Sam Alex is a police officer who served in the police. And an outstanding criminal investigator.
He did a great raid a few years ago to save somebody. But at that time, nobody was allowed to hurt Sam’s family.

Police protection is suitable for Sam’s family.
Sam has a beautiful wife and a beautiful daughter, Sam. One day Sam’s wife and daughter will snatch the man who was waiting for her revenge. Sam will find them alone. Sam will find them.

Get lost how can that be pain? When I can’t save my wife and myself before, I think a lot of people feel that they are taking revenge on them. Nothing else to give him. That’s what happened to Sam.

Sam is mad with that sadness. After those events, three days after the abduction of middle-aged youths near the same city, you hear of a torturer hanging from a sharp object. Police investigations begin, but there is no evidence left to investigate the culprit.
The media is to blame. But Sam’s mother somehow managed to get Sam to solve this scandal.

Sam’s mind is still at the level of a police inspector, no matter how many drinks he can destroy. God is always there for us, thinking that God does not help us. Why are these mysterious deaths? Who is doing this? Why are you doing this? Unintentional events can hurt other people’s minds.

That heartbreak can eventually turn into revenge.
He may have to face those revenge at a time when he has not thought of it. Throughout the film, a strange curiosity comes to mind about a nondescript person, because nobody knows who he is.

The film could be named as one of the most sought-after movies in the year 2013. The film has achieved a high of 8/10 on the IMDb.

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