Mad Max Fury Road Movie Review

mad max Film Review
   Mad Max Fury Road Movie Review

“Religion is the sound of sighing of the oppressed creature. The people are like opium. One day people demand the abolition of religion for true happiness”

                                                                                                    [ Marxism]

To the Furiosa,


The fight is not over. My name is Max, Max Rockatansky.
Never give up hope. It’s just a delusion. When our hopes are not
met, we only get caught up in hate.

As a result of years of development, the world has become
hell-bent on waste disposal.In the fall, politics in the
face of post-climate change.Immortan Joe is its unique master.


He is the authoritarian ruler who shrouds the body of a
degenerate elderly force, from military emblems, medals and dreaded
iron conductors. Immortan Joe👑 is the only savior to Valhalla’s dream
paradise. Please trust the Almighty Ruler.

                                                                                                                 Mad Max Fury Road Movie Review

Citadel has no room for gender or complex judgment.
The powerful manipulate the process of governance through
violence. Here are the signs of inequality you are experiencing
in the real world.


In the citadel where there is a shortage of water, ammunition
and fuel .Food is even more valuable than diamonds.
Conspiracies, plans, attacks, spies, cultural warfare are all

Mad Max Fury

As a spectator at Mad Max Fury Road, your tension increases.
Leave yourself to a world of unlimited deserts, assembled war
vehicles, action-packed warriors, and top-notch warriors. Beware!!


The confrontation begins with Joe sending his war boy army in
pursuit of Furiosa, after Immortan Joe’s female officer, the
Imperator Furiosa, was taken aback by the women of slavery .


Feminism seems to have narrated the film. The use of woman for man
and woman for man, and men’s desire for violence, transcends the
model and acts like the bullet in the Mad Max Fury Road.


If you’re in the Citadel, the woman serves only two main purposes

1. Raising children

2. Milk for human consumption

As such, Furiosa is a strong woman who is unable to produce children
and produce milk. How do we treat women now? How do we treat women
after the end of the world? That’s the question the film raises.







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