LOST GIRLS (2020) Film Review

LOST GIRLS 2020 Film Review

IMDB 6.1

Drama  Mystery  Thriller ⚡\


LOST GIRLS is a good story thriller that came out around 2020. The film is based around a mother’s struggle to find her missing daughter. This story is a real story.
The main character is “Mary Gilbert” Mary’s eldest daughter “Shannon Gilbert”. That she’s coming home for dinner, However, Shannon does not arrive that night.
Shannon lives in “Oak Beach”.

Mary is disturbed when Shannon does not respond to calls. They say the suspected oak beach is found in marshy land.
However, Mary accuses the police of finding dead bodies if she is gone. Mary’s accusation is fair, but nobody knows about Shannon.

So is Shannon dead, or is she committing suicide?


Sounds a bit boring but good talk about putting on the Watch List.


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