Kappela (2020) Review

Kappela (2020) Filmlife art

Kappela (2020) Review

A missed phone call left us alone! This is how I felt when I finished watching this Malayalam movie. For those of you who are watching this, you will be caught in the magic of the Malayalam cinema.
What are their actual forms, hidden from the good and bad deeds of men?  
The film highlights how beautiful and dangerous Eve is. We cannot say for sure the good guys and the bad guys in their outward appearance and behavior.

Films that are important to society today must be made in this world because the innocent young men and women living in this society need to know about the forms of such people. So this is a unique movie with a good Plot Twist. The background music, the cinematography, the script and the environment used to create it are excellent. Anna Ben is one of the most sought after actress in Malayalam cinema.

If you have watched either of the two films, Kumbalangi Nights or Helen, you will have a good idea of ​​her acting and good character. So, besides her, some good actors like Sreenath Bhasi, Roshan Mathew, Sudhi Koppa, and Tanvi Ram have joined the film.

 Film LIfe Art

Kappela (2020) Filmlife art


So here is a short story about a young girl who is blinded by a young girl’s feelings.
So really love is blind. Jessy (Anna Ben) is the girl’s name. At the beginning of the film, she shows up on a sudden trip with rain. So the story begins with the curiosity that follows. Jessy lives in a poor Christian family in the village of Wayanad.
She supports her mother’s sewing business and leads a happy life. And her father is a very stubborn person. He’s cautious of Jessy and her sister.

So when Jessy makes a call to her mother’s business, another young man makes the call. Then she apologizes for the missed call and gets back on the phone. Later, the young man who made the call is trying to reconnect with Jessy. That’s where the whole love story is made from that Wrong Number.

You can watch this love story first and foremost. You’d think we’d have a girl with a Wrong Number like this. But at the end of the film, this little boy with a clean heart and a good heart to take such a chance. You’ll know exactly when the movie is finished.

Why did Jessy’s dad care so much for girls at the beginning of the film? What’s Wrong With Dating? It would make him feel bad about his behavior. And at the same time, Jessy will be happy with the decisions she made at the beginning. A young girl should make her own decisions about her future.
Otherwise, you will endure a lifetime. I also feel wrong about the character of Roy (Sreenath Bhasi), who meets him on the way. But with a little sadness, you realize that what you thought was wrong is wrong.

This film will finally give you the answer.

# Don’t be too sure about everything!

# Have a little doubt!

#Don’t get caught in the illusion of looking outside!

# Think about it well before you make a decision!

# Don’t accept the sudden feelings in your heart!



And then there’s something else to be said about this movie, which leads us to another story altogether! Finally, Roy completed the story! That’s what I like about that story. That section turns our attention to a completely different suspicion. You’d think Roy would catch that girl.

Another thing I saw in this story was how to give a girl a second chance at life. Roy makes a call to his girl and tries to rebuild the girl’s mindset, leaving her behind and protecting her, fearing that her life will be lost.

 Here is what I love about these events! See you here too! Tell me about your opinion also.






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