Johny Johny Yes Appa (2018) Film Review

Johny johny yes appa Reviev
Johny Johny Yes Appa 2018 Film Review

Peter, Johnny, and Philip are the three sons of Carianne Master and Gracie. Peter Elder, Philip Young
Our talk leader is Johnny Madduma. Master Carian loves Johnny the most from his three sons. When they were little, they were going to church with Johnny Pittor. Just steal a few coins from Dad’s desk drawer. To steal Peter

There is a girl who loves Johnny, whose name is Sita. But Sita’s dad can’t see Johnny as he should. But Johnny’s been the number one crafty kid ever since; A fox clothed with sheepskin! Everyone loves him so much. Everyone says Johnny’s good. Johnny’s like a biscuit box that doesn’t get blown away!

Johnny is big now. His brother Peter is married and has two children. Little one Philip is an engineering student. Karyan Master’s eldest son has been banished from home for his sole consent. But Karien Master doesn’t know that Johnny’s cheating is the cause of Peter’s marriage. Philip still works like a kid. After nearly twenty-five years, the Horlicks Bibi Dora is just one of the ways to play with the children of the Big Brother. For this reason, Karyan has left a great-grandfather and a younger son.

What is Johnny doing now ???

Now Johnny is a good smart thief. The man works at church for the day. Going to steal at night. Johnny sneaks into a house, nalas, kala, wears a homemade shirt shirt, takes some money and comes back in the shap. Professional thief !!

Johnny is the master role model of the church. The same goes for the police gentlemen. Then Johnny’s girl ?? There it is. They still love it. But Sita’s father still can’t see Johnny. Maybe because Caprin can identify another scammer soon. Johnny is able to deceive an entire village from his father to the church’s husband, with the laughter of his parents and the good qualities of his mother.

One night Johnny’s life turns upside down. It was because of Adam, another little thief who had come to the house to steal. Adam is a little boy who lives in an orphanage. Johnny’s life revolves around Adam’s arrival. The sheep skin that had been worn for so long would be removed. But one thing’s gonna happen. Johnny is a completely different person here, just like Adam and Nancy Prakashan’s publications are falling from the sky because of the little girl they took care of. Those who want to know how it is,

watch the film. Johny Johny Yes Appa is a 2018 film directed by Mr. G. Marthandan. In the first three days we have been able to earn more than 3 crore 





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