Bollywood Star Kids

Bollywood Star Kids

Bollywood Star Kids

Star Kids Actually, I think not only Bollywood, but everywhere the stars and media are being highlighted.Star Kids have no idea of ​​a normal life.From birth, Thew live in dream worlds with cameras.Mom’s Dad’s much needed attention and love is largely out of the question. And of course, their children may not be able to afford to spend their time as a child.So you can expect better things from life like this.

Vidya Balan’s   generation was mostly educated. This is not just about exams. Some of those who have come to Bollywood with a lot of social experience. But these Star Kids have no chance to learn from social experiences. They look like a strange animal.hey haven’t seen a world beyond the copywriter’s world. Their fake behavior in front of the camera. Seeing what she is saying on stage, she has no brain like a woman in the village.Madhuri Amir and Aishwath are in this wave. They seem to have managed to keep their children away.

In fact, it is the parents and the media who are responsible for these things.It was an incredible experience to see the disciples who went on to act in dramas and ruined their lives.Sushant was caught up in this wave. It would have been difficult for the average educated Kenk to behave with characters like him.That is why Sushant felt for the ordinary people who were tired of the stars.

He had the same kind of innocence that the character in Kedarnath wanted. Sushant was caught by the stars.He was scared of falling off the star. A dog like Amir could have gone on a beautiful journey without even considering it.

Girls who love our art have to tell their boys not to make their hair and pull it in half.


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