Actor Sushant Singh Rajput has committed suicide

sushant singh rajput

 Sushant Singh Rajput Rest in peace

Forgetting Sarfraz, A forgotten promise to Sushantha.
My religion, my land,

Forgetting a few customs,
I and a few steps Come for a walk.

nothing Come into my arms.
A few steps with me Come for a walk.
When the sun rises and falls on you,

I will give you shade.
When the Threat Scares You, I will illuminate the sky with the moon.
You are sad I will make fun of you with jokes.
Smiling, smiling,

Let us measure the steps of freedom.
I am a lover like you.

What should the world fear?
How many steps?

Your whole life with you, I’ll come together.

In the PK movie Chaar Kadam, Sarfraz and Jagu love each other very affectionately. It promised to go the whole way of life together. Sarfraz never broke that promise. He was always waiting for Jaggu. In the end, he went on with Jaggut as he promised. Sushant has forgotten that loving promise that Sarfraz has not forgotten.

Even though Sushant is annoyed Good luck to you


Rest In peace Sushant Singh 

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